Winsome Kind

Canadian husband and wife duo.

Winsome Kind is thrilled to announce their 2nd Album We Call It Home, will be released August 24, 2018!

The first single, also entitled We Call It Home will be released June 22.  Watch the Official Music Video below to preview!


"The song features chimes and piano lines, that contribute to the uplifting, cozy themes of its lyrics- a perfect reflection of cherishing little moments in life."  

         Permanent Rain Press


"You can certainly feel the emotion between these two artists, and the harmonies are perfect."

         Canadian Beats





Listen to Winsome Kind's debut album

“The folk-pop affair is rife with vibrant harmonies, and there's a candy store's worth of sweet melodies.”

          Andrea Warner, CBC


“The crunchy, toe-tapping This Much is True is particularly rapturous, as the pair’s voices rise to angelic heights.”   

          Alex Hudson, The Georgia Straight


"There’s a decided maturity attached to Winsome Kind’s debut… they’re comfortable enough in their own skin to let an audience view both the bliss and the blemishes of relationships. This is elegant folk-pop for adults."

          Carolyn Dixon, Goodnight Hestia           


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