Listening to Winsome Kind is like an invigorating conversation and a warm hug from a good friend.  Infusing personal stories with luxurious harmonies, their voices sound as if they have always belonged together.  Indeed, Leora & Scott creating not just music, but also a life together has always felt meant to be. 

Scott Perrie and Leora Joy met in 2012 while performing in a production of The Buddy Holly Story in Saskatchewan, and fell in love. They travelled across Canada on the Via Rail from coast to coast, performing in train stations, living rooms, and live music venues all the way.  Upon returning home to Vancouver they recorded their self-titled debut album, which garnered critical acclaim from the CBC and media across Canada,  They have had the honour of performing at such venues as the Harmony Arts Festival (North Vancouver), Music in the Park (Capilano), Voices of Hope Benefit Concert (Vancouver), and a beautiful cd release show with the Rogue Folk Society of Vancouver.   They warmed the airwaves in 2016 with a brand new holiday single, Sweet Second, and a live studio version of the beloved Gordon Lightfoot tune Song for a Winter’s Night.  

They have embraced life as self-propelled artists and new parents, and their anticipated 2nd full-length album reflects their passion and urge for connection.  They found their 2 weeks in the studio this past fall to be all at once rewarding and challenging, writing and arranging brand new songs while parenting an adventurous little toddler.  Leora was also 7 months pregnant at the time, and after a long vocal session in front of the microphone -a workout for a pregnant body- found that quick naps on the studio couch while listening to Scott’s guitar takes became inevitable.  It was all worthwhile and, with the help of some of Vancouver’s best musicians, they created an album that showcases their gift for heartfelt lyrics and memorable melodies, and they are excited to pass on that gift to the world, through an album of feel-good music with positive messages. 

Their anticipated 2nd album, We Call It Home, was released in August 2018, and was celebrated with album release shows in Vancouver (hosted by Rogue Folk at St. James Hall), and Regina. Their first single and music video, also titled “We Call It Home”, was featured on CBC Music’s “25 Songs for Your Indie Wedding” Playlist. The album has been charting on community radio stations across Canada, and featured on CBC. They look forward to touring the album this summer to festivals across Canada!

They most recently released a new single & lyric video for Earth Day 2019 entitled "Contemplation (What Have We Done?)”, and will be donating all proceeds to climate action initiatives.

You may also find either Scott or Leora at any time on a theatre stage, in a movie or tv show, or voicing a cartoon, but you can be sure to see them as their most authentic selves singing and playing their original music to an audience, large or small, young or old, or anywhere in between.  Thank you for listening.


“This Much Is True, encapsulates Winsome Kind’s best sensibilities superbly: their flawless vocal duets, gleeful attitude, and catchy sing-along chorus lines."   (Elysse Cloma, Grayowl Point)

“Their most recent adventure was writing, arranging, and recording the new album, We Call It Home while also being attentive parents. The video and indeed this single is certainly a reflection of that, with the song being a paean to family and the sense of connection we treasure while nurturing and being a part of one. The close harmony singing between the two leads sounds like an aural symbol for all of that.

Living in this era where children and families are actively being torn apart in the name of national security, this song isn’t just a feelgood tune of contentment. In our current context, it becomes downright political. But in the another sense, it really is a gentle reframing of the things that most people value, and that often become momentarily forgotten in the middle of busy lives; the vital importance of connection, acceptance, and security that is so sought after in families, and in general. Happy listening!” (Rob Jones, Radio Free Lightning Bug)

“The folk-pop affair is rife with vibrant harmonies, and there's a candy store's worth of sweet melodies. The couple's individual influences also find room to breathe here. Joy is a classically trained vocalist and Perrie's a self-taught guitarist and singer-songwriter, but those skill sets coalesce into a mutually assured confidence that serves them well, particularly on the album's charming standout track, "This Much is True."” (Andrea Warner, CBC Music)

“Laying in their joy, their energy, this album brings you face to face with your lover under the sheets. I loved Winsome Kind, may these two love forever and may their music never die. I will be following these two married merry makers for many, many years to come.” (Geyser Music)





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